ISO Certification Update

European ISO Firm IMSM Commissioned by EJ Ajax ISO specialist Eden Solutions Group of Minneapolis, in association with UK-based ISO consulting firm IMSM, has announced that EJ Ajax has commissioned IMSM to implement an ISO Quality Management System during 2014.

Key Account Manager Claims STEP Award

2014 STEP Award is the latest honor for EJ Ajax Key Accounts Manager Altheha DrePaul. Altheha DrePaul has been getting noticed lately. Back in October of 2011, AOL Original ran a story about Altheha’s career setback and her determination to find new opportunities in manufacturing.  In June, 2011, the Minneapolis Star Tribune covered a portion of her story during a write-up about a presidential visit to EJ Ajax.

Accolades? Sure, Why Not.

EJ Ajax invests 5.5% of payroll into workforce education, training, and professional development. A key component of this investment has been affiliation with technical colleges in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area.  Read what three prominent technical college leaders have to say about the company’s participation in technical college programs.


Q: Why should EJ Ajax customers care about our safety record? A: Manufacturing carries an inherent measure of workforce injury risk.  Naturally, EJ Ajax wants to minimize the potential for hardship of any kind among our employee colleagues and their families.  Beyond that personal interest, there solid business reasons to highlight safety:

In The News

There’s alot going on at EJ Ajax these days.  Here’s a quick roundup of recent developments.

MNFX and EJ Ajax to the Rescue

“You made that at your work, didn’t you, Dad?” EJ Ajax Vice-President Don Wellman enjoys hearing that question from his kids when “Reagan’s Moon,” a commercial for the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital, airs on television.  Although EJ Ajax components are in lots of products you encounter every day