Bending the Growth Curve

Demand for metalformed products is up.   How will EJ Ajax Respond? Despite a harsh winter and scarcity of qualified CNC metalforming professionals, US manufacturing expanded in February for the ninth consecutive month.  Supplier and customer inventories within the fabricated metal sector were lower.  This news signals an uptick in demand for companies who provide precision metalforming.

Workforce Development and the State of the Union

by PMA member Erick Ajax, Co-owner, E.J.  Ajax Metal Forming Solutions Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend the State of the Union Address as the guest of your home state senator? PMA education foundation trustee, Erick Ajax got that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and he wrote all about it to share it with you.  These are Erick’s memories of that very special day.

Customer Profile: G & R Custom Elevator Cabs

A Cab Ride From a Barn to Abu Dhabi In 1978, business partners Gary Mundis and Ron Hudak began shipping the first of their customized elevator cabs from a barn in Andover, Minnesota.  Although both men are now retired from the company they built, the start-up stories live on.