Forming Ajax Careers, Now And In The Future

“We’re building a deep bench,” said Ajax Director of Operations Curt Jasper. No, Curt wasn’t talking about a company softball team. This busy manufacturing company needs multi-skilled people who can step into pretty much any role on the plant floor as needed and perform well. As leader of Ajax’s talent management effort, Curt has been innovating new ways to build his workforce since he joined Ajax four years ago. He […]

Rock Stars Partner With EJ Ajax

Visual, tactile and emotional. That’s how D.A. Distribution describes their products. If you viewed their products in person, you’d agree. The people at D.A. Distribution have a very special talent: forming concrete into stone and brick building materials that look and feel completely natural, even when examined closely. The product line includes indoor and outdoor architectural stone veneers, thin brick veneers, hearthstones, keystones, sills, wall caps, post caps, and manufactured […]

Patt Patterson Featured In

If you’re unsure about the benefits of working in manufacturing, just look at veteran Arthur “Patt” Patterson. Patterson served for well over 10 years in the U.S. Army and eventually found success, as well as upward mobility, in the manufacturing industry. From the time he turned 17, Patterson was involved with the military. Read the article on here.  

Fall Newsletter

The EJ Ajax fall newsletter is published!  Check out this issue, which features a profile of EJ Ajax Toolroom Lead Patt Patterson, plus our most recent award, event news, equipment news, and a message from Erick Ajax.

Servo Press Delivered!

On an icy November day in Minnesota, one day before Thanksgiving, EJ Ajax took delivery of an AIDA mode DSF-C1-2000 single point gap frame ServoPro® servo press. This is the second AIDA press that EJ Ajax has installed this month. The Quickway rigging crew, contracted by EJ Ajax to provide expertise and special equipment, arrived at 7 a.m. and worked until about noon to get the 45,000-pound behemoth in position on a […]

Knowledge Capital and the Post-Industrial Society

41 years ago, American sociologist Daniel Bell coined the term “post-industrial” in his book The Coming of Post-Industrial Society: A Venture in Social Forecasting. Bell predicted that America would transition from the production of goods to the production of services, with few companies remaining to directly manufacture hard goods.  Was he right?

Veterans Make A Difference At EJ Ajax

Editor’s Note:  This story appeared as a guest column in the July 20 issue of The St. Paul Pioneer Press and Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant Jose Chavarria had a very serious assignment: keep his Boeing CH-46 helicopters functioning properly so the pilots could keep the choppers, and their payloads of up to 24 Marines, in the air. It was risky business. Mortar and missile attacks were frequent and deadly. Losses […]