ISO Process Update

The quality and infrastructure development team at EJ Ajax is making progress on the company’s 2014 ISO certification process by making significant documentation updates & related system upgrades.  Much of the work involves updates to various chapters in the company’s procedures manual.  More importantly, the company is developing a new internal auditing system that conforms to ISO specifications. All hands are on deck to make these very positive changes!

Company Growth Update

The 2014 Expansion is Underway EJ Ajax has taken another step forward on the company’s 2014 expansion plan by adding a new bay to be used for human resources offices, our new online training area, plus a few well-earned amenities for our colleagues.

ISO Certification Update

European ISO Firm IMSM Commissioned by EJ Ajax ISO specialist Eden Solutions Group of Minneapolis, in association with UK-based ISO consulting firm IMSM, has announced that EJ Ajax has commissioned IMSM to implement an ISO Quality Management System during 2014.


Q: Why should EJ Ajax customers care about our safety record? A: Manufacturing carries an inherent measure of workforce injury risk.  Naturally, EJ Ajax wants to minimize the potential for hardship of any kind among our employee colleagues and their families.  Beyond that personal interest, there solid business reasons to highlight safety: