EJ Ajax Manages Hairpin Curves

When a HVAC process calls for a temperature cross, for example a hot fluid outlet temperature that is below cold fluid outlet temperature, hairpin heat exchangers with copper or aluminum hairpin tubes are often the HVAC system designer’s choice.  In-house tooling at EJ Ajax, coupled with the company’s advanced manufacturing, provides HVAC manufacturers with a distinct value advantage, said Don Wellman, director of sales at EJ Ajax. “Our extrusions create […]

Bending the Growth Curve

Demand for metalformed products is up.   How will EJ Ajax Respond? Despite a harsh winter and scarcity of qualified CNC metalforming professionals, US manufacturing expanded in February for the ninth consecutive month.  Supplier and customer inventories within the fabricated metal sector were lower.  This news signals an uptick in demand for companies who provide precision metalforming.